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Reminds me of me in 1984. On a lark, I went with a group of friends to have my "colors" done, which meant they looked at your hair color, skin tones, etc., and told you what colors you should and should not wear. I'm a "winter" which means I need to wear bright "jewel" tones, clear, true colors. Holy cow! All my life I had been wearing brown, beige, rust in the fall and pastels in the spring, etc. (back then we dressed to color-coordinate with the seasons). But every time I wore brown or beige, people asked me if I was feeling okay because I didn't look well. It was one of the most important things I've ever done. Now I stick to the bright, true colors and people comment "that color looks so great on you!" Hey, good luck and have fun! By the way, I do almost all of my clothes shopping at Goodwill--great finds at terrific prices. And you have some good ones in Portland. The one in Beaverton just off 26 and Cornell Road is a good one.


Yay, yay, yay!!! Bring on the color girl!

BTW - we LOVE Bare Escentuals.


Sephora is a great store for buying make up. Lorac is a new find for me and I love it. Have fun tomorrow! Sounds like you're well on your way to making Stacy and Clinton proud - no fashion intervention necessary. BTW, new season of WNTW premieres tonite!


I always hoped those four years in corporate cosmetics hell would someday do me and mine proud...

(sniff, sniff)


A gal I went to college with used to remark, in connection with large women wearing Pucci-print muumuus, 'When the Lord made the hummingbird, he made it many colors; when he made the elephant, he made it gray.' As I grew older (and less skinny than I was as a college-age dancer), this made me paranoid about wearing anything brighter than colors with names like 'mouse', 'pewter', 'greige' and 'crepuscule' for years...

New Jordans

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. I've loved everything in your blog, Thank you for sharing !

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